HHello! We are so excited that you are interested in joining us as a resident and community member of the I-House. We hope this article will help you to understand what living in the house is all about, so please read it carefully.

We in the I-House seek to represent Jesus Christ to international students and to others in Seattle as we follow Jesus, love one another, and host International Christian Fellowship (ICF), including a potluck dinner and Bible Study every Friday night at 6:30 p.m. We choose to live in community and to cooperate with International Students, Inc. staff and volunteers to bring glory to God through our friendship, hospitality, and service.
The I-House, Seattle, exists for ministry to international students. Our reason and purpose for being together is to serve. We serve God, each other, the immediate community around the house, and every guest who calls or visits.
RESIDENTS (Housemates):
The mission of International Students, Inc. is to share Christ’s love with international students, and the I-House is the hub of the International Students, Inc. ministry in Seattle. For this reason, house residents are expected to participate in ICF. Residents are usually students. They should be committed to the goals of ICF, and they should be interested in living in community to build relationships with Christ and with one another. We prefer to have no more than two persons of the same nationality living in the house at the same time. Residents are to show an attitude of hospitality, to answer the telephone cordially and professionally, to serve the people who visit the house, and to take turns cooking and helping with assigned household chores. Housemates are expected to attend ICF each week, and to attend a weekly house meeting where we discuss house concerns and pray for each other. Potential residents must understand and be willing to fulfil the House Mission Statement, the house rules, and the cooking and cleaning responsibilities (which include set-up and clean-up for ICF).
Currently, the house is co-ed, with guys living on the third floor and girls living on the second floor. Girls use the second floor bathroom, and guys use the first floor bathroom.
We do ask that when guys and girls want to visit together, they stay on the first floor. Guys are not allowed in girls’ rooms, and girls are not allowed in guys’ rooms. In addition, guests should leave by 9:30 p.m. on weeknights unless special arrangements have been made.
We all have dinner together each weekday at 6:30 p.m. Being part of the house means that you need to be at meals. Residents are expected to be present for at least 4 meals a week and at least 3 times a month on Fridays. We take turns cooking dinner every weekday evening.

We have a House Meeting every week for about one hour. You must be able to attend these meetings every week, with only rare exceptions. The house meetings are usually on Thursday night after dinner. Please make Thursday evening set-up and Friday evening 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (ICF) a priority.
Each resident is assigned a chore, which should always seem done, as much as is possible, for an entire month’s period. This assignment changes each month. All residents take their turn at each chore or job.
THE MANAGEMENT: (Heidi Chaffee)
Management coordinates the residents to function as a team. Management sets an example of godliness and gentleness, and maintains open communication with International Students, Inc. staff and residents whenever possible. Management also maintains the I-House in such a manner that it reflects excellent stewardship in upkeep and cleanliness, and is warm, welcoming and hospitable to visitors and residents alike. Management realizes that the primary purpose is to share the love of Christ with international students, to befriend them, to help them adjust, to serve their needs, and to share Christ's love.
Contact the manager for current prices. When a student arrives before the first of the month or moves out before the end of the month, rent will be pro-rated for the portion of the month the student is present. This rent amount includes food costs, the use of the house telephone for local calls, wireless high-speed internet, and basic cable TV. It includes the use of the two bathrooms, clothes washer and dryer, and utilities such as water, electricity, and standard quantities of garbage. It does not include sundries (i.e. shampoo, vitamins, or medicine) intended only for personal use. Anything above this is not to be expected.

Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 4th of each month. If rent is paid late, you will need to pay an additional late fee of $5 per day. Residents must give a 30 days’ notice before moving out. A 30 days’ notice means that from the day that you definitely decide to move out and give the manager a written notice, you must pay the I-House a minimum of 30 days rent, even if you move out in less than 30 days. A cleaning deposit of $150 is required when you move in. It will be returned when you move out if your room is clean and empty when you leave.
  1. Send in the application to the manager.
  2. Talk with the manager.
  3. Visit a Friday night ICF meeting.
  4. Background check
  5. You will be contacted by the manager about the possibility of moving into the house.
  6. Pay $150 cleaning deposit
5207 16th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98105

House phone: (206) 524-4979
Email: Heidi Chaffee - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monthly rent (room, meals, phone, internet, etc.):
  • Contact the manager for current prices.
  • 30 days notice before you move out
  • Be at dinner at least four weeknights each week
  • Cook dinner for the housemates one night per week
  • Help with cleaning duties each week
  • Attend house meetings on Thursday nights and ICF on (most) Friday nights
If you wish to apply to be a resident, please send the following information to the manager.
Name: ___________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Nationality: ________________________
Birthday: _________________
Emergency Contact: _______________________________________________________
When would you want to move in?
How long do you think you will want to live at the I-House?
Place of study (college or university):
When and from whom did you hear about International Students, Inc. or Seattle ICF?
Explain why you want to live in the I-House.
Describe some of your hobbies and interests.
What questions do you have about living in the I-House?


International Students, Inc., exists to share Christ's love with international college students.

Since 1953, ISI has been training Americans to meet international students' needs. These Americans befriend international students and help them adjust to American culture..